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Living, and working, in a rural area naturally leads to a higher volume of property transfers. Many people handle the sale of property on their own, but aren't quite sure how to effectuate the sale from a legal standpoint. Whether you're selling a couple of acres of land to a neighbor or gifting your homestead to your daughter, we can help.* Here's what we do:

Warranty Deeds (cash or gift)

Deeds of Trust

Releases of Liens

Partition Agreements

With the high volume of property transfers sometimes comes property disputes. If you have a dispute with someone else about property ownership, we'd be happy to assist you. We handle these types of lawsuits:

Trespass to Try Title

Suit to Quiet Title

Adverse Possession


If you're trying to transfer title to property or claim property as your own, call us and set up a FREE Property consultation.

*We unfortunately do not handle any property transactions where a title company is involved.

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